The Finger Family

Five Little Pumpkins

The Shapes Song

I have a pet

Hurry Hurry Drive the Firetruck

Mystery Box 2

Jingle Jingle Little Bell

The A Song (apple, alligator, a)

Say Cheese!

Rock Scissors Paper

Mystery Box 1

Eeney Meeney Miney Mouse

We All Fall Down (walking, galloping, tip-toe, sleepy, wake up, hopping, turning

The Eensy Weensy Spider

See You Later, Alligator

Wag Your Tail (fast-slow, clap, wag, thump, bend, wiggle)

Open Shut Them

What do you hear? (duck, elephant, rooster, cat, pig, dog)

Hello Hello!

Bye Bye Goodbye

The Pinocchio

Rain Rain Go Away


Make a ... (SSS)


Yes, I can

Walking Walking

Seven Steps with Matt

The Wheels On The Bus

Hide and Seek

Animal Finger Family

Five Little Ducks

Magic Numbers 1 to 10

Seven Steps

How many Fingers on two hands? Clap your hands. Stamp your feet.

Baby Shark (Mama, Papa, Grandma, Grandpa, hungry sharks, little fish, swim away, swim faster, safe at last, bye bye sharks

The C Song (car, cat, c)